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The rare shortcuts in the tennis game

There are two major ways of improving your game: tennis tips and lots of repetition. A lot of practice grooves your strokes and establishes a solid foundation from where you can move on.

tennis tips
But before, during and after this learning process you can apply various tennis tips which help you find a more effective, effortless ways of improvement.

You can make various little mistakes when learning or competing and at first you don't even notice the problem.

It's like a ship that changes its course for 1 degree. It doesn't show immediately but after a couple of hours of sailing there is a big difference where you end up.

So tennis tips are actually those little but very important »course modifiers«. That's why they are called tips and not encyclopedias. ;)

But remember – there is a great value hidden in these tips especially if you apply them for a longer period of time until they become subconscious.

Another very important issue that needs mentioning is the learning process. MOST of the learning and improvement takes time, effort, commitment and many repetitions. Our brain and body need many recurring informational packets before they fluidly adapt.

But – there are other ways. In some specific situations repetitions are not needed. What is needed is just a slight change of course and you will sail to your desired treasure island. These are the tennis tips.

There are many different tips – physical, technical, tactical and mental. Since is dedicated to everything related to mental aspect of tennis and everything related to making your mind your best ally, all the tips on this site will be mostly mental ones.

mental tennis tips I have collected my best mental tennis tips over the years and they will help you deal with 29 critical situations that happen in a tennis match:
  • pre-match anxiety – off and on court
  • bad line call (this situation can be very dangerous as your reaction to it can keep you emotional for a very long time - you'll learn how to get rid of it quickly and effortlessly)
  • exceptionally good day for your opponent (and how you can turn this apparently bad situation to your advantage)
  • and many more...

For every situation you'll learn the correct winning mentality, how to adjust your emotions and approach the game with a positive attitude and focus on the task at hand.

Click on the picture to learn more about the Mental Manual...

There are many great sites with excellent technical tips, not so many with tactical tips – which is by the way also the mental part of the game, and even less sites with mental tips. Some have only a page dedicated to tennis mental tips. looks to improve on this part.

Tennis mental tips help the player make small adjustments in his approach to the stroke, game, tactical play or anything else, which eventually result in a different outcome. And no amount of repetition can change that since the course has not changed. You are still sailing towards wrong target and going faster and better is actually increasing distance from your desired goal.

These mental tips can be applied to technique, tactics, physical and of course the mental part. Explore the various categories and discover how simple tennis mental tips can greatly influence your approach to the stroke, your perception of the situation or your mental approach to the game.

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