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Tennis instruction online has one major deficit compared to instruction on court: it's a one-way street.

That is, a tennis coach cannot see what you are doing and therefore cannot correct your strokes or footwork.

Teaching tennis on court begins with demonstration and technique. But then most of the coach's and player's work is about correcting slight deviations from the correct way of playing.

Online instruction covers only the first part - the demonstration and the teaching of technique or footwork. And the best way to guide you to an enjoyable tennis experience is by tennis instruction videos.

Tennis videos are a much better teaching and learning aid than text, and that's why now provides you with instruction videos for beginners as well as advanced players. These videos cover all the major parts of the game.

How We Learn Tennis

One of the most important things to know is that learning tennis is very different from learning other things, say, for example, learning new computer skills.

For too long, tennis instruction has been intellectual. Only recently have coaches and national associations recognized that and started teaching tennis through the game-based approach.

Although some instruction is still necessary (mostly dependent on the player's coordination, talent, ball judgment, and so forth) most of tennis is learned through feel. The body learns, not the conscious intellectual mind.

If a tennis coach on court instructs you to hit a ball with a certain technique it's almost 99% certain that you WON'T be able to do it.

Even if you try 10-20 times, it's still very unlikely that you will perform that technique or stroke the way Coach instructed you to.


Because now the body has to adapt and coordinate various parts to move in a certain way. It cannot learn as fast as your mind.

It actually takes thousands of repetitions before some strokes or movements become automatic and fluid. When you follow tennis instruction videos and tips from this section of the website, know that learning and acquiring new skills will take some time.

You need to know how to teach your body. And be patient. You cannot force results. Your body will adapt when it will adapt. No one knows when that is.

An experienced coach may give a rough prediction but he/she still guesses.

Another thing to have in mind is that no one can teach you tennis. By that I mean no one can teach you tennis directly. Coach only talks, demonstrates and creates situations in which you can learn and teach your body how to move.

Yes, sometimes a tennis instructor guides the hand of the player, but eventually they step away and just speak. The player needs to focus on feelings and certain guidelines and teach him- or her-self.

How Do We Teach Ourselves?

The first part of teaching yourself is getting the correct information, and the tennis instruction videos here will help you with that. The second part of teaching yourself is playing.

We already mentioned that the body learns slower than the intellectual mind. So, I call the body "stupid" in this respect.

Understanding this about the body helps you to the appropriate attitude and approach. For, we all have the experience of being patient, since we all have had to deal with stupid people or were stupid ourselves and just couldn't figure out how to do something for a long time. Finally, only after many tries, did the right way finally dawn on us so that we could do it.

It's the same with the body: you will repeat a stroke or footwork pattern for the hundredth time, and yet you will still look clumsy or have no control of the ball.

But eventually your movements will become more fluid, and you will need much less effort to play tennis.

The best mindset in this period is to be patient and not focus on the outcome (do the best you can though). In other words, don't be thinking, "When am I going to start hitting these forehands in?"

Focus on the process: hitting the ball, rotating the body, or one of the other check points of your stroke.

tennis instruction for beginners
That way you help your body and your subconscious mind absorb as much information as possible, and you learn much quicker how to coordinate the parts of your body to hit the ball efficiently and effectively.

If you are ready to start learning either how to play tennis or how to improve your current skills to more advanced levels, check the instruction videos for tennis beginners or learn more from the articles below.

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