Tennis Players - the Mental Winners
What can we learn from their stories and matches?

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This section is all about famous tennis players whom we all know. Some of them won't be so known to the younger public, but for the rest of us they are legends.

It covers the players who have left their mark in this great game.

Professional players have had ups and downs in their careers; they have been through many different events, stories, injuries, personal problems and relationship problems.

Most of them have come through very successfully though.

This section is about those professional tennis players who have been the so called mental winners.

No one is perfect (although Roger Federer is shaking that theory too) and through their stories and experiences you'll be able to identify your own issues and problems in tennis.

But first we need to realize that they are professional tennis players.

That means it's their life and their job. They don't play occasionally with club players.

No, their whole day, week, month and year is devoted to improving their tennis game, whether that means working on technique, tactics, physical preparation or mental training.

Most of them play tennis from 4-6 hours a day, have 1 hour of fitness and other activities, depending on where in the training process or tournament they are in. That's why we »ordinary« players cannot really compare to them, but we certainly can learn from their game and experiences.

They have been hitting balls for so many years that their movements (their technique) are totally automatic and are close to biomechanical perfection.

They have so much experience in tennis tactics that their decisions are most of the time very good ones.

Their physical preparation is incredible since tennis is one of those sports where an athlete needs both anaerobic and aerobic abilities and this is very hard to train and perfect.

But it's the mental part where they occasionally falter since they are human too. They do work on their mental preparation a lot and yet the human mind still has its own agenda. Sometimes it lets them down. And sometimes when everything seems lost the player digs deep inside himself and finds the source of incredible faith and perseverance which carries him through impossible situations.

Every player's section will have some of their background which is sometimes very interesting, their results and achievements and their typical, special mental abilities and moments, where they showed their »mental winner« side.

You may be surprised at some of their matches – maybe because you were not aware of them. You may be even surprised at how some of the best male tennis players in the world had to suffer many defeats before they came on top.

And some of the female tennis players for which you may think that they weren't really champions actually demonstrated extraordinary mental toughness in critical situations.


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If you're looking for detailed analysis of professional tennis players, then I recommend Florian Meier's website He looks at the technical, tactical, mental and physical aspect of top pros and explains what their key advantages and disadvantages are.

Win More Matches When It Matters Most

Most tennis matches are decided not by a better stroke but by a better tactical play and by a stronger mind.

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