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I was born in 1972 and quickly found my passion in sports with balls. I played a lot of table tennis and basketball before I started seriously training volleyball.

At around 15 I had my first experience with tennis and it was my second passion during the summer months. I played volleyball almost professionally and tennis recreationally. I played many tennis tournaments and leagues and gained lots of experience through many wins and losses.

My volleyball career reached it's peak in 2000 when I won the National Championships with ELVO BLED club – playing as libero. I played only one year more and then focused exclusively on tennis coaching.

I successfully completed Coach level 1 course in 1997 (in Slovenia) and then level 2 in 1999 and level 3 in 2000. I also finished my USPTR course (Professional) and attended superbly organized USPTR Symposium in 2000. Great experience!

I started my coaching carrer in my hometown at the A Club Arnol tennis club where I worked in tennis school and with competitive players. I also worked with them as a conditioning coach. I moved to Benc Sport tennis club in 2003 where I worked with nationally ranked juniors on mental training and tennis coaching.

In 2006 I was invited to Tennis Academy of Asia where I worked until December 2007.

At 18 I started my study of electrical engineering but didn't feel my life purpose yet. I later found my love for tennis coaching and slowly but surely finished my study. My diploma thesis was linked to tennis thanks to the understanding of mentor.

During my tennis coaching I started to focus more and more on psychology – since I knew from my experience and observed it in the mean time as the critical factor deciding the later champions. I naturally had these abilities and knew very well how many times they turned the flow of the match in my favor. I've won many many matches which I »shouldn't« have won – against players with better shots and more tennis experience.

I've experienced sports on high level in both individual and team games. My mission now is to teach young and older players the correct way of thinking, getting out of emotional states, being aware of body activation, positive thinking, using momentum and countering it and lastly acceptance which in my opinion is the last step in mental training.

Once player reaches acceptance of himself as he is and acceptance of everything that happens around him in the match or involving competition, he becomes free of pressure and is able to play in the zone very frequently.

I am now self-employed in Slovenia and I am open to new challenges in my career.

Since I do not have a psychology degree I do not call myself sport psychologist but I do very similar practice.

I combine sports psychology, success principles and my own experience to show the way to the winning performance.

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Win More Matches When It Matters Most

Most tennis matches are decided not by a better stroke but by a better tactical play and by a stronger mind.

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