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Explore this section for various articles which deal with the technical, tactical and mental part of the tennis game. Sometimes you'll need only one article to change your perspective or to show you another way of looking at the game of tennis.

You'll find articles that deal with the mental part of the game. They may show you a different way of thinking and can actually reframe your thinking, if you are familiar with this term from NLP and other fields.

A tennis article dealing with the tactical part of the game is actually the most common type of tennis information on the web. Many players have learned good tennis tips and ideas through their experience and are happy to publish them on various sites.

And then there are instructional articles which in my opinion are the next large group of articles related to tennis. It is also the part of the game that is in the most demand. Most people are looking for a good instruction article on tennis technique.

Most of the articles here will be about tennis strategy and mental approach since that is the main theme of this site. You'll learn how to control your mind, tennis secrets and how to actually apply various tennis instruction that you have learned in a slightly different way.

If you are looking for more excellent tennis articles (with images and video) about any aspect of the tennis game, then I highly recommend


Tennis Articles
  • serena masterclass Serena Williams Masterclass Review
    Serena Williams has together with created a unique video course teaching you stroke fundamentals, tactics, mental toughness and many more insider tips.
  • grand slam tournament guide Guide to Attending a Grand Slam Tennis Tournament
    Attending a Grand Slam tennis tournament is a big project and I am hoping to ease your planning with these tips and ideas. You're also invited to share yours. Thanks!
  • usopen tennis guide US Open Tennis Tournament Guide
    The US Open 2011 was my third Grand Slam tournament and it was great. I share my tips on how to find the best seats, where to buy tickets and more...
  • child tennis and you Is Your Child Playing Tennis The Way You Want?
    Elly Prior from shares her views on the relationship between children and parents and how we can find the real causes of anxiousness and pressure and deal with them.
  • how pros watch the ball Watch The Ball? - How Elite Tennis Players Focus On The Contact Point
    Damien Lafont, PhD and certified tennis coach from France shares his findings on how elite tennis players watch the ball and focus on the contact point longer than lower level players.
  • champion Tennis Champions - Born Or Made?
    How does one become a tennis champion? Is it the product of training and good coaching, or are there certain inborn abilities that determine who makes it and who doesn't?
  • junior mental toughness Mental Toughness Of Junior Tennis Players And How Parents Can Help
    This is the second part of the parents and tennis juniors series and explains 2 games you can play with kids to work on their mental toughness.
  • tennis and life What Tennis Really Is
    If you ever take a step back and look at the game of tennis, you realize that it's really just a game. But is it really just a game or can you learn something from it?
  • tennis difficult The Most Difficult Thing in Tennis
    I see many people obsess over the technical part of their shots, how they are unable to keep their head cool when it matters most, or how they just cannot hit a topspin serve; but rarely do they address the real reason for the mistakes they make.
  • letdown Letdowns in a tennis match - why they happen and what can you do about them...
    After every game and set, tennis players have a letdown. This letdown is partly physical and partly mental. Mentally, it's a loss of intensity, focus, concentration — a little mental breather we take after a pressure-packed moment... One of the best tennis articles by Kathy Krajco...
  • real meaning of tennis The Real Meaning of Tennis
    Players feel empty inside. They lack self worth and self respect and don't feel good about themselves. They start playing tennis and notice some results. They improve fast, especially if they are talented. They seem to be good.
  • tennis formula of failure Tennis Formula of Failure
    We normally look for a formula for success but it's also very useful to recognize the formula of failure. As soon as you'll see it you'll recognize it in yourself or in other players. It is quite general and can be applied to other areas besides tennis.
  • not playing well Not playing well today? So what.
    Have you ever been annoyed, irritated, angry or even frustrated because it was just not your day? You didn't feel the racquet, the ball, your movement was not really fluid, you kept missing sitters and even your normal shots were short? Not to mention the serve…

  • tennis balance Tipping the scales in tennis
    The way a tennis score and match sometimes change is very difficult to understand. How can two seemingly equal players exchange sets 6:1, 1:6. Shouldn't the score be something like 6:4, 5:7 or something like that?


Win More Matches When It Matters Most

Most tennis matches are decided not by a better stroke but by a better tactical play and by a stronger mind.

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