The Real Meaning of Tennis Game
And how it relates to life

Players feel empty inside. They lack self worth and self respect and don't feel good about themselves.

They start playing tennis and notice some results. They improve fast, especially if they are talented. They seem to be good.

They need tennis results to fill their void – their inner black hole of unworthiness and feeling bad about themselves. They think it is tennis results what will help them feel better.

But what it comes down to eventually is that there are no great tennis results without self respect and self worth.

When you play tough matches every part of your psyche is tested. Unless you help your self with every part of your mind, support yourself in critical situations, stay positive and believe in yourself, you will fail.

At the end of the road – tennis results and your tennis career will show you time and time again that it is not tennis that will help you feel better, It is you that must shift from the feeling of self degradation to self respect.

If you do that, your tennis will only be a mirror of that.

That's the whole point of this game.

It's just a trick of the universe, god or source energy. It's just a special way of showing you how important it is to love and respect yourself – without external factors and opinions of other people.

Even when someone tells you this (like me right now), most people resist that. That’s our ego doing its job. It resists and wants to be right even when the information we hear maybe be good and useful.

This is our inborn desire for freedom and individualism. If we think like everyone else, then how are we different? We don't feel our individuality so we decide for our own view of the world, even if it is not the best one. At least we are someone.

So god or perhaps source energy has figured out a way to bypass the ego – at least in some way. It has designed different games – tennis, basketball, golf and so on in order to show the person how the results are dependent on his self respect and self worth.

Why is this so?

Because in sports like tennis you get immediate feedback. If you feel afraid, don't believe in yourself, have doubts – you are going to MISS probably 9 out 10 times. You miss 1 second after your negative thoughts or concerns or doubts.

In real life it takes much longer to see the evidence of our negative approach whether we have feelings of unworthiness or just negative thinking about other people which is nothing else than our shadow – our projection of unconscious thoughts about ourselves.

It may take years from the beginning of our thoughts and feelings to see real life results. Since this time gap is so big, we don't see the connection. We don't see the logic of all that so what do we do? We blame outer conditions – our partner, life, the government and so on.

It is the only logical explanation left to us.

But when we participate in sports we come to realize that there is an almost 100% connection between our approach – whether it is positive, believing in ourselves, respecting ourselves, trusting in our abilities, seeing what we want to happen instead of what we don't want to happen and so on.

If our approach is negative – feeling bad about ourselves, not trusting that we can do anything worthy, having deep feelings of self rejection, thinking about negative consequences and so on, then sports results with our misses and losses give us immediate feedback that we have chosen the wrong path.

When we get the message and test it with a positive and a negative approach, seeing clearly what the results are, then we are convinced and sure how to play tennis in order to be the best that we can be.

Then, hopefully in the very near future, we start thinking:" Hey, since this is working in tennis, would this work also in my business, in my relationship with my spouse and kids, with my relation to money and my relation to all that is happening around me?"

When we test our changed approach and stay patient for results to appear, we finally see and understand what this game of tennis was all about.

Because when we see tennis in reality – it's just two people trying to hit a little yellow ball over the net into two large rectangles. There is no meaning in that. It's just a game someone thought of. There is no life and death meaning about who is better in hitting a little ball with something that is in his hands into a rectangle.

Even when you are the best in the world you are still only the best in some game that someone invented when he was probably bored and tried to have fun.

But through the game of tennis you come to tests and tough choices which will show you with immediate results how your approach worked.

You only need to see them. Your ego is still blocking you from many obvious results, but they will happen again and again and again.

Until you get the message.



Win More Matches When It Matters Most

Most tennis matches are decided not by a better stroke but by a better tactical play and by a stronger mind.

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